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Nothing to click.     No credits to earn.


No one has to do that!

But yet, traffic is Constantly generated to show your programs.

Offering something free and instant, such as ad posting, to gain repeated "sticky" traffic is far more effective advertising than showing just a page listing your programs.


This shows your banners and programs and offers them something to go to the page. People will bookmark your page and post again = you show off your programs again.


  • AutoPoster: Will post your FFA ads to ALL member pages - 5 times a day

  • AutoSender: Your email ad every 5 days to all who posted ads

  • FFA ads are in your chosen COLORS & WITH emojis 🍒🐄🤪💛

  • Commissions ($35 on direct sales + $10 on each sale your signups refer)

  • 5 banners to rotate on your page (instead of 1)

  • No email confirmations from members on your autoposted ads

  • 3 permanent textads on your page WITH emojis 💎 🍩 🏆

  • Your permanent textad will show on your signups pages - 3 levels down

  • A Permanent Spotlight Ad for your FFA page 

  • UNLIMITED and GUARANTEED visitors to your sites EVERYDAY

Your Autoposted FFA ads will be Autoposted to ALL pages everyday, 5 times a day for years.

You never have to login and post your ads, as it'll do it for you plus Guaranteed hits will be sent from: FFADragon and CherryTraffic.

You'll want to UPGRADE on this one ASAP as New people posting

And New people joining will happen very, very quickly.